April 2017 Minutes

Date: April 5, 2017

Location: Epic Air, South Elgin

Attendees: Sherri Walton-Peterson, Kristi Person, Sheryl Lemuig (signe Joanne), Andrea Rotella, Monica Kuropatwa, Brandy Leatherman, Melissa Barreiro, Carey Dempsey, Beth Wilson, Christina Bucchi, Melissa Kaplan, Tera Weeks, Matt Weeks, Dawn Winter, Agmesua Bajorek, Rocky Shaw, Monicka Nowek, Jessica Alvarez

Minutes:  March 2017 meeting minutes reviewed and approved. (motioned Chris Bucchi/seconded Carey Dempsey)


President (Beth Wilson):

Meeting called to order by Beth Wilson at 6:38PM.

Treasurer (Tera Weeks):

  • Treasurer’s Report was reviewed and discussed. Net available shows $14,878.53
  • The expense for Brain Pop was $100 more than the allocated amount. The additional $100 was voted on and approved (Kristi Person motioned/Mel Kaplan seconded)
  • PTC was provided a refund from Mystery Science of $499
  • Books will be closed by the end of the May because taxes will need to be filed in June
  • The Daddy Daughter Dance came in under budget
  • Janitor bill for last assembly and Daddy Daughter Dance is still outstanding
  • Criteria for the use of the Box Tops funds was discussed. $950 will go towards Music expenses, not to include the licensing for the 2017-2018 musical, was voted on and approved (Tera Weeks motioned/Carey Dempsey seconded)
  • Expenses for PBIS prizes for the remainder of the school year discussed. An allocation of $300 for PBIS expenses to be used for the remainder of the school year was voted on and approved (Carey Dempsey motioned/Melissa Barreiro seconded)

Principal’s Report:

Dr. Stiglic was not in attendance.

Teacher’s Report:

Discussed the Centennial 25th Anniversary scheduled for May 11, 2017

Committee Reports:

Mother/Son Event (Beth Wilson)

  • After discussion regarding the need for a chairperson for the Mother/Son Event; Brandy Leatherman volunteered

Bingo Night

  • Bingo Night scheduled for Friday, April 7th from 6pm-8pm.
  • Participating children should bring a prize (approximately $5 in value)
  • Custodian Expense of $300 for event voted on and approved (Tera Weeks motioned/Carey Dempsey approved)

Savers Fundraiser

  • Collection truck will be in the front parking lot of the school on Saturday, April 8th, from 10:00AM-2PM
  • Bucchi to provide access to the building on Saturday morning to load up pre-collection contest items

25th Anniversary Celebration

  • Theme is to recreate the year 1992 during Flag Ceremony
  • Family Picnic will start at 5:30PM which will include a DJ; followed by a ceremony with the Mayor, alumni and school chorus

Restaurant Fundraiser (Mel Kaplan)

  • Another Dinner Night Out is scheduled for April 13, 2017 at Portillo’s on Lake Street. The PTC will earn 20% of the profits on this fundraiser.
  • Lunch and Dinner hours for Fundraiser (11am-2pm & 5pm-8pm)

Old Business

  • The remaining expense for 6th Grade Tile Project (after the Student Council contribution) was voted on and approved (Melissa Barreiro motioned/Tera Weeks seconded)
  • Some of the previously discussed playground equipment has arrived. The remaining is expected in 2-4 weeks
  • Scholarship applications were received; the Board to review for winner

 New Business:

  • The purchase of a refrigerator for the Staff Lunch room was discussed. An expense not to exceed $800 for the purchase of a staff refrigerator was voted on and approved (Sheryl Lemuig motioned/Andrea Rotella seconded)

 Next Meeting scheduled for May 3, 2017

Meeting adjourned 7:50PM.