Fall BT4E Contest Winners

championA grand total of 5116 box tops were collected from June 2017 – October 2017 giving us a rough estimate of $516.60. Our goal for the school year is $1,000 we are halfway there!!

For our Fall Contest we wanted to see which grade brought in the most Box Tops overall.

  • 1st place with 779 box tops was 6th grade
  • 2nd place with 750 box tops was 3rd grade
  • 3rd place with 614 box tops was Kindergarten

Way to go Centennial!! Please hold on to all your Box Tops Bucks earned, we will have our first ever Box Tops Prize Store open in December where you can spend your bucks! We will open again near the end of February.

Additionally, we also collected data on which classrooms had the highest overall participation.

  • 1st place was Mrs. Hanson’s class with classroom participation at 66.67%!!
  • 2nd place was Mrs. Steinberg’s class, they did well too coming in at 34.78%.
  • 3rd place was Mrs. Bucchi’s 4th grade class at 34.62%.

Please continue to clip Box Tops for Education. Remember we do not accept expired ones.

Thank you to all parents, students, teachers and administrative staff who support this program!