February Minutes

Date: February 10, 2016

Location: Multi purpose

Attendees: Lynn Anderson, Bunky Norland, Mrs. Bucci, Mrs. Stoughton, Matt Weeks, Tera Weeks, Melissa Barreiro, Kim Robinson, Dawn Winter, Beth Wilson, Carey Dempsey, Dr. Stiglic

Minutes:  January meeting minutes reviewed and approved with a clarification that the $49 was the price for the 501c3 start-up kit only. [Kim Robinson motioned to approve; Matt Weeks seconded]


President: Meeting called to order by Beth Wilson at 6:38PM. Beth thanked everyone for the success of the events that the PTC has been able to accomplish since the beginning of the year.

Bingo Night: Bunky Norland, chairperson for Bingo Night, reviewed the plans for the Bingo Night event scheduled for Friday, February 12, 2016 from 6pm-8pm.

  • Entrance fee for event is a small toy
  • Food to be sold includes pizza, candy, popcorn, nachos
  • $175 budget for event + $100 for petty cash  drawer was voted on and approved [Kim Robinson motioned to approve; Tera Weeks seconded]

Treasurer: Tera Weeks, PTC Treasurer, reviewed new Treasurer’s Report.  Total funds in checking/savings is $19, 376.94.   Approved expenses were $20,551.10 and the total amount spent to date is $12,357.70.  Other items discussed:

  • Initial $150 teacher’s stipend due by March 2, 2016; $160 additional teacher stipend due by April 30, 2016.
  • A hospitality budget to be created for March meeting.
  • Other expenses were clarified during discussion including the previously approved freezer expense of $300 and assembly expenses discussed in committee reports below.
  • Reimbursement procedure discussed including actual receipts needed when running a committee.
  • A petty cash box preapproval discussed included in new items below.

Principal Report: Dr. Stiglic thanked the PTC for their hard work this school year.  Centennial will have 26 FT teachers which includes specials and 2 FT Kindergarten (no PT Kindergarten on site) for the upcoming school year.  A job is being posted for a PT paraprofessional for the Library.

Teacher’s Report: Mystery Science program for grades 2-6 was discussed.  School membership is regularly $1,499 however if subscribed to before June 30th the price is only $499.  Moby Max ended up being paid for by the district so may be able to allocate the $500 for Moby Max to Mystery Science.  No decision made.

Beth requested a report on which teachers use which programs.

Committee Reports:

Assemblies – (Kim Robinson)

  • Pro Kids Assembly planned for February 26, 2016 (2 in school assemblies & 1 family evening assembly).  Cost is $1,575.
  • Xtereme Science assembly planned for March 16, 2016 (2 in school assemblies). Cost is $750.
  • Proposal for $3,000 assembly budget for the remainder of the school year was voted on and approved. [Kim Robinson motioned to approve; Tera Weeks seconded]

Book Fair (Beth Wilson)

  • Spring Book Fair is scheduled for 3/11-3/18.
  • The Family Event will be held on March 17th from 6pm-8pm.
  • Theme for this book fair is “Feeling Groovy”; plans for dress up days to promote book fair

Chicago Wolves Hockey Trip (Dawn Winter)

Dates for event were discussed; March 12, 2016 was finalized.

  • Prices for event are $5.00 off regular priced ticket for 15-29 attendees and $16.75 per ticket for 30-74 attendees.  Prices include ticket and hat.
  • Tickets will be pre-ordered and PTC will issue one check to the Wolves.
  • Flyer to Beth for distribution (language regarding $15 insufficient fund language required)
  • $100 deposit for event was voted on and approved [Kim Robinson motioned to approve; Lynn Anderson seconded]

Box Tops (Kim Robinson): Box Tops deadline is March 1, 2016.

Yearbook (Lynn Anderson)

  • Classroom and activity pictured needed. March 2nd is team pictures
  • $500 deposit voted on and approved [Kim Robinson motioned to approve; Melissa Barreiro seconded]
  • Tera to research invoice.

New Business:

  • Other Funds needing approval:
    • $30 for AV battery voted on and approved [Kim Robinson motioned to approve; Dawn Winter seconded]
    • Daddy Daughter Dance (scheduled for March 3, 2016) budget of $2,800 voted on and approved [Carey Rupp motioned to approve; Kim Robinson seconded.
    • Standing Petty Cash Box of $150 voted on and approved [Kim Robinson motioned to approve; Carey Dempsey seconded]
  • Savers Fund Raiser tentatively scheduled for the weekend of April 16 – 17  Clothes, linens and shoes will earn $0.20 per pound and Toys/Books & Household items will earn $.05 per pound.  Communications for the event were discussed.
  • Updating PTC website was discussed.
  • Bi-laws distributed to Board Members.  Updates required.
  • Mother/Son event tentatively scheduled for May. Carey Dempsey to chair.

Meeting adjourned 8:03PM.