Fun Fair Planning: Oct 3 Minutes

2016 Fun Fair Planning Meeting

Oct. 3 6-7:30 pm

Attendees: Katie Kuhn, Sherri Peterson, Pauline DiNovo-Kaspari, Sylvia Trenkler, Beth Wilson, Melissa Barreiro, Carey Dempsey, Matt Weeks

Meeting minutes

Meeting was held at the Centennial Elementary library, starting at 6pm.

I started by listing the different stations/sections for the Fun Fair, then we discussed each individually.

Concessions: Last year we had separate tickets for food. This year, we will have 1 type of ticket used for everything. We do not currently have a section leader for concessions, so we will use tickets for concessions, not cash. We may have either Carey or Melissa (who have volunteered to sell tickets) move down to the cafeteria to sell tickets there once the initial rush at the main entrance is over. We have a 2nd cash box in the PTC closet we can use for this.

Menu: Will be similar to last year: Pizza, hot dogs, chips & cheese, popcorn, drinks (soda, water, caprisun), and nut-free candy. I will need to reserve the popcorn machine with West Suburban Bank. It was suggested to follow up with Bunky N. about the pizza, since the pizza they ordered last school year for Bingo night is preferred (note: I have followed up with her since and they ordered from Taylor St.) Last year we ordered 150 hot dogs and had many left over. This year we will only order 100. Sam’s Club has a good candy selection.

Tickets: We will push advanced sales this year to reduce the line when the doors open. Wristbands will be for advanced sales, or hand stamps at the door (will help the line move quicker). I will order 200 wristbands. Flyers will go out next week, and the final date to turn them in will be Friday Oct. 21. That will give me the weekend to fill the bulk of the orders, and a couple of days for stragglers. I will have my email address to contact if they do not receive their order by Wednesday. Ticket price was discussed and will remain at $8 in advance and $10 at the door.

Maps: We will have maps available to pick up at the door with the different areas highlighted (especially for new parents). We will try to have a larger map posted near the main entrance and arrows at select locations pointing the way to the different areas. We will also have a sign at the door with the costs of concession items, so that while parents are waiting in line they can determine how many tickets they will need.

Pumpkin Raffle: I will ask the teachers for a list of participants (note: at the PTC meeting I asked Mrs. Bucchi to gather a list of participants.) We will deliver the pumpkins Thursday Oct. 20-Fri. Oct. 21. I will buy some food storage containers for the raffle tickets to be deposited.

Craft: We looked at crafts from Oriental Trading Co. We want to avoid anything with magnets, and would prefer crafts that have some use, not just decorations. We have about 40 crafts that were donated, and a bunch more left from last year. We will avoid anything that requires glue. Crafts will be ordered this weekend.

Cake Walk: Last year we did not have enough prizes (treats) to last until 8. There wasn’t enough notification to the parents, and they did not have the option of early drop-off. This year we will make sure we notify the parents (email, Facebook, PTC website, and mentioned on the flyer), and we will accept the treats on Thursday. We will also tell parents they can bring them Friday for those that have parent-teacher conferences. Location will probably be the same as last year, but we may leave the doors open to give more space. We will also buy some cookies/treats from a store (Pauline recommended Sam’s Club), just in case we do not have enough.

Haunted House: zombie theme. The Haunted House will cost a ticket this year, mainly to cut down on the line and make sure everyone gets a chance to enter. This is designed for the older kids. It will be in room 103. This will be the only thing in that area, so the line will not impede people from getting around. Tera has the staff she needs for it. There will be a graveyard outside the room. We still need to clean out this room.

Games (Younger): This will be upstairs this year. This will be the only thing up there besides the ticket area. It will be for 2nd grade and younger. Games we have: Beanbag toss, ghost bowling (can make), basketball hoops (small and med.), lollipop pumpkin, pencil pumpkin. We will not do the sand hunt this year (it was a little messy). We will ask Dawn W. for the ducks game again (note: she said at the PTC meeting she could provide it.) Maybe pin-the tail on the donkey/ghost/whatever? It was suggested to do a fishing game, and bozo buckets if we can get them.

Maze: we would like to do a maze this year for the younger kids. Ideas were suggested, but the one that seems to be the best is to use tables and have the kids crawl under them. We’d have black vinyl lining the sides, and various sections (crinkly paper they crawl over, maybe an area covered with the gauzy material so it feels like grass, etc.) We need to flesh out the details for this. May give the kids flashlights so they can see.

Games (older): in the gym. We have National Karate doing a board-breaking/prize wheel station. We have the javelin toss (verified we have all the parts needed), hook toss (need glow bracelets), ghost hunter, football toss, golf game, and minute to win it (cup stacking). The tombstone knockover game had some issues, so we may not do this one.

We will need signs for the games (note: we reviewed the signs and they are still in good condition. Plus we have some blank signs we can use.)

Prizes for both section will be given at each game. If we have enough volunteers, this should work. We need to give each child a goody bag to keep their prizes. Pauline knows someone in the bag business that she will talk to. Need approx. 10″ x 12″ bags.

We want to get a backdrop for the photo booth (wall decoration from Party City?). I bought some masks that need painted. Beth will ask an aide about more props.

Decorations: Beth will be in charge of decorations. Looking at big decorations for big areas. We need more duct tape this year.

Meeting adjourned 7:39pm.