January 2017 Minutes

Date: January 11, 2017

Location: Multi-purpose Room

Attendees: Dawn Winter, Melissa Barreiro, Jessica Alvarez, Carey Dempsey, Beth Wilson, Jan Meloney, Maria Rocio del Valle, Melissa Kaplan, Matt Weeks, Tera Weeks, Lisa Steinberg, Kristi Person, Tom Stiglic

Minutes: December 2016 meeting minutes reviewed and approved. [Carey Dempsey motioned to approve; Matt Weeks seconded]


President (Beth Wilson):

Meeting called to order by Beth Wilson at 6:37PM.

    • Sales for the Holiday Shoppe totaled $4,857. This event was not a fundraiser so minimal profits will be received.
    • Retirement gifts for Dr. Stiglic were discussed.

Treasurer (Tera Weeks):

  • Tera Weeks informed the teachers that Pauline Di-Novo resigned from her position as co-treasurer.
  • Treasurer’s Report was reviewed. Net available after approved expenses is $19,990.19.
  • The PTC will be holding firm on the teacher’s stipend deadline
  • Tera will be investigating a possible overpayment made by PTC for library books
  • Expenses for Brain Pop were approved but no receipt for payment has been received
  • Star Fall was approved late last year but was not included on the Wish List for the 2016-2017 school year
  • Matching Corporate grants were received from Verizon & Motorola.
  • The PTC received $750 from Verizon for Matt Weeks volunteering as Fun Fair chairperson
  • Interest in holding a PTC meeting at Epic Air was discussed

Principal’s Report (Dr. Tom Stiglic):

  • Reading Interventionist will start working with the students next week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Teachers will send note home for students recommended for this service. The Reading Interventionist will also oversee a before school (7:55am-8:25am) program using Moby Max.
  • Interviews for a new principal will take place on January 19th. A parent/teacher interviewing committee will make recommendations to the administration at the February Board meeting. New principal will come to the PTC’s April meeting to meet the board and will return in May.

Teacher’s Report:

Reimbursement for the Battle of the Books T-shirts from previous year was requested. The $108 expense was voted on and approved. (Kristi Person motioned/Lisa Steinberg seconded)

Committee Reports:

Bingo (Beth Wilson reported)

Bingo night tentatively scheduled for January 27th will be moved to April 7th due to the chairperson’s availability

Father-Daughter Dance (Beth Wilson reported)

The Father-Daughter dance was confirmed for March 3, 2017

Bingo Night

A $300 budget for Bingo was voted on and approved (Tera Weeks motioned/Carey Dempsey seconded)

Chicago Wolves (Dawn Winter)

After discussion, the Chicago Wolves family outing is scheduled for February 25, 2017.

Assemblies (Jessica Alvarez)

  • Bullying assembly scheduled for January 12, 2017 at 12:30PM & 1:30PM
  • An additional assembly, “Magic in the Classroom,” is scheduled for February 16th at 12:30PM & 1:30PM with a Family Night assembly at 6pm.
  • For the Family Night assembly a janitor, a stage, and 500 chairs will also be needed.

Box Tops for Education/Labels for Education (Mel Kaplan)

  • Mel will order the balls and other items from the Labels for Education catalog by month end
  • We received a check from Box Tops for Education in the amount of $563.90
  • Beth to send an email to the music teacher to find out how she would like to use the funds
  • Other box top contests were discussed including a Box Top Store

Restaurant Fundraiser (Mel Kaplan)

The PTC was approved for fundraiser at Chipotle where 50% of the proceeds will go back to the school

  • It will be held at the Chipotle in Bloomingdale on Army Trail Road
  • Dates were discussed, tentatively scheduled for January 31 or February 7; Mel to contact Chipotle to confirm
  • Information will be posted to website

Old Business

  • Carey Dempsey gave an update on the projector bulbs requested by the teachers
  • Lamp and bulbs cost about $210; need to compare price with Chris Bucchi’s vendor
  • Will purchase a limited amount to test before replacing additional

New Business:

  • The Centennial 25 Year Celebration will be held on May 25, 2017
  • $1,000 expense for the picnic and $250 expense for a scholarship were voted on and approved (Tera Weeks motioned/Carey Dempsey seconded)
  • The PTC will be accepting application for a $250 college scholarship from students who previously attended Centennial. Carey Dempsey will create eligibility requirements and application.
  • Spirit Week will be scheduled leading up to the 25 Year Celebration
  • A contest for 6th grade students who want to name or suggest the theme of the celebration was discussed.

Next Meeting scheduled for February 1, 2017

Meeting adjourned 8:05PM.