March 2017 Minutes

Date: March 1, 2017

Location: Multi-purpose Room

Attendees: Melissa Barreiro, Angela Riani, Susan Bohlin, Kahty Hansen, Maria Rocio del Valle, Carey Dempsey, Beth Wilson, Christina Bucchi, Jan Meloney, Melissa Kaplan, Tera Weeks, Matt Weeks, Dawn Winter, Tom Stiglic

Minutes: February 2017 meeting minutes reviewed and approved.


President (Beth Wilson):

Meeting called to order by Beth Wilson at 6:30PM.

* Beth Wilson suggested that teachers nominate parents for open Board positions; Treasurer (2 positions) & Secretary will be vacant

* PTC would like to address the parents at the Kindergarten Open House scheduled for May

Treasurer (Tera Weeks):

* Treasurer’s Report was reviewed and discussed. Net available shows $13,217.03

* PTC will be receiving $19.69 through the Amazon Smile program

Principal’s Report (Dr. Tom Stiglic):

* Although there is one less Kindergarten class, it does not appear that Centennial will lose any teachers due to anticipated retirements.

* Bartlett Police will be at the school to monitor drop off and pick up procedures

Teacher’s Report:

* Assembly went well; positive feedback from the students

* Mrs. Henninger ordered and started working on the 6th grade tiles. Cost per tile is $6.25 for about 70 sixth grade students totaling about “400+” dollars. Student council is funding half of the cost. Requesting PTC to pay the additional $200. Some concerns from the PTC is whether all of the teachers are onboard as this affects a limited amount of students, is this a reoccurring cost year after year, PTC purpose is to try to spend money to benefit all students.

Committee Reports:

Book Fair (Beth Wilson)

* The book fair is scheduled for the week of March 13-17. The Family Event will be scheduled for the evening of March 16th.

* The book fair will be held in Room 103 instead of the Library.

* Book Fair expense in the amount of $400 was discussed, voted on and approved (Carey Dempsey motioned/Mel Kaplan seconded)

Box Tops for Education/Labels for Education (Mel Kaplan)

* Box Top submission was processed for a total of $343.30; goal was $350. Funds will go toward the Music program. Ms. Marquez’s class won the Box Tops contest.

* PTC will be purchasing playground equipment, art supplies for preschool and Kindergarten as well as PBIS prizes from the Labels for Education catalog

* Mel is looking into the Tyson A+ program for next year since Labels for Education is winding down.

Restaurant Fundraiser (Mel Kaplan)

* The Restaurant Fundraiser at Chipotle earned $805; Ms. Hansen’s class won the Chipotle contest.

* There is another Dinner Night Out being planned for April at Potbelly. The PTC will earn 25% of the profits on this fundraiser.

* Mel is researching other reading programs that would not overlap with the current Six Flags program

Old Business

* Outstanding request for the purchase of chairs for the computer lab was discussed, voted on and approved in the amount of $1,500 (Carey Dempsey motioned; Melissa Barreiro seconded). Beth Wilson to research and make purchase.

New Business:

* April PTC Meeting will be held at Epic Air in South Elgin. Maximum of 2 children per adult will get free admission.

* Bingo is tentatively scheduled for Friday, April 7th; Beth to check with Bunky to confirm.

* The date for the Centennial 25 Year Celebration is being rescheduled for May 11th due to a staff conflict. Beth to meet with the teacher planning committee. Ideas for the picnic and ceremony were discussed. After school picnic will be scheduled for 5:30PM (potluck with DJ); ceremony to begin at 7:00PM.

* The PTC scholarship application has been forwarded to guidance counselors at Bartlett High School. Carey to follow up with the South Elgin High School counselors and continue to post to U-46 Facebook groups. The information is also posted on the PTC website. Deadline for the scholarship is March 31, 2017.

* Savers Fundraiser is scheduled for April 8th with a pre-collection class contest scheduled the week leading up to the event. Chris Bucchi to make request for access to the school at 9:30AM on April 8th to move pre-collection items out to the truck.

* Angie Riami has volunteered to co-chair Walkathon with Tera for the 2017-2018 school year.

Next Meeting scheduled for April 5, 2017

Meeting adjourned 8:10PM.