November Meeting Minutes

Date: November 2, 2016

Location: Multi-purpose Room

Attendees: Dawn Winter, Chris Bucchi, Matt Weeks, Melissa Barreiro, Carey Dempsey, Pauline Di Novo-Kaspari, Beth Wilson, Lynn Anderson, Mary Andoni, Brenda Morones, Jan Meloney, Melissa Kaplan, Tom Stiglic

Minutes: October 2016 meeting minutes reviewed and approved. [Carey Dempsey motioned to approve; Lynn Anderson seconded]



Meeting called to order by Beth Wilson at 6:03PM.

* November 10th CAC Education Meeting being held at Elgin High School (Melissa to send out an email to parents)


Treasurer’s Report was distributed and reviewed. Net available funds is $18,732.39.

Principal’s Report:

  • Dr. Stiglic thanked teachers and parents for all of their hard work
  • Holiday Sing scheduled for December 12th (6pm for grades 1 & 2; 6:45PM for Grades 3 & 4; 7:30 PM for Grades 5 & 6)
  • Students return from Holiday Break on January 9, 2017

Teacher’s Report:

  • Reviewed and revised Teacher Wish List included:
    • Reading Eggs $1,500
    • Brain Pop $1,695
    • Ink Cartridges $1,260
    • Project bulbs $1,000
  • Items discussed and voted to approve up to $4,500 for the computer programs and ink cartridges (Carey Dempsey motioned/Melissa Kaplan seconded)
  • Projector Bulbs to be moved to Old Business for next meeting; PTC requested model number to research and prices

Committee Reports:

Fun Fair

  • Matt Weeks will be sending out a survey to parents for feedback.
  • Total income $5,045 not including expenses (approximately $2,600)
  • Volunteers were the biggest concern
  • Pumpkin raffle suggestion for next year is to put the pumpkins downstairs
  • Next year specify that parents don’t need wristbands
  • Contact local business and organizations to see if they want to participate like National Karate did this year

Box Tops for Education

  • Melissa Kaplan reported that we received 4,389 box tops + 38 expired Kleenex box tops for a total of $518.
  • Contest winner was Mrs. Bucchi’s class with 760 Box Tops; followed by Marquez (596) and Diederick (334)
  • Submissions are made twice per year; spring submission must be made on or before April 1. * A standing Box Top allowance for the year of $100 to be used for supplies, shipping and other miscellaneous items related to the Box Top program was voted on and approved (Carey Dempsey motioned/Melissa Barreiro seconded)

Book Fair

  • Book Fair is scheduled for November 11th – November 18th
  • Theme is “Bookaneer”/Pirates
  • Flyer to be sent out to parents with an email reminder
  • Grandparent event is scheduled for November 11th at 7:30AM
  • A $300 allowance for book fair expenses for the Grandparent breakfast was voted on and approved (Carey Dempsey motioned/Pauline DiNovo-Kaspari seconded)

New Business

  • Dare Graduation is scheduled for December 15th; Beth to check with teacher to see if PTC needs to provide anything
  • Flyer regarding Amazon Smile to be created and sent out by Melissa Kaplan; Email to be sent out before Thanksgiving. Carey Dempsey to create page on the website.

Meeting adjourned 6:55PM.