October Meeting Minutes

Date: October 5, 2016

Location: Multi-purpose Room

Attendees: Dawn Winter, Sherri Walton-Peterson, Efrain De Luna, Christina Bucchi, Matt Weeks, Melissa Barreiro, Carey Dempsey, Pauline Di Novo-Kaspari, Beth Wilson, Tera Weeks, Angie Riami, Jan Meloney, Maria Rocio del Valle, Tom Stiglic

Minutes: September 2016 meeting minutes reviewed and approved. [Carey Dempsey motioned to approve; Matt Weeks seconded]



Meeting called to order by Beth Wilson at 6:35PM.

* We made our Walkathon goal.

* Box Tops will be used toward Music Wish List items.

* Scholastic dollars will be used for the 2017-2018 school year for classroom magazines

* PTC Calendar of Events distributed


Treasurer’s Report was distributed and reviewed. Tera Weeks reported net available funds is $19,769.49 and about $6,400 of that goes toward annual allocations (see handout) leaving approximately $10,000 to spend (not including AR expense).

Principal’s Report:

* Dr. Stiglic thanked teachers and parents for all of their hard work

* This year is Centennial’s 25 year anniversary; a possible PTC celebration was discussed

Teacher’s Report:

* Positive feedback about Walkathon was received

* Request for accelerated reader subscription renewal of $1,917.55 discussed; voted on and approved (motioned by Carey Dempsey/seconded by Dawn Winter)

* Very positive student feedback on Bubble assembly

* Teacher “wish list” items discussed

* Teacher stipend of $150 per teacher for a total of $4,410 was discussed, voted on and approved (motioned by Matt Weeks/Carey Dempsey seconded)

Committee Reports:


Tera Weeks reported that Walkathon earned $18,172.29 to date. Still waiting for some outstanding matching donations.

* Nine teachers made their classroom goal

* Higher per person fundraising dollar amount but a lower number of participants than last year

* Prizes will be delivered at the end of the month

Fun Fair

Matt Weeks reported on the status of the Fun Fair scheduled for October 28, 2016 from 6pm-8pm.

* Still looking for teacher, parent or high school student volunteers

* Student Council will be selling smencils at Fun Fair

* Deadline to pre-order tickets and wristbands is Friday, October 14; will be delivered on following Monday

* Discussed the drop off of baked goods for the Cake Walk.

* National Karate will be attending with a prize wheel

Old Business

* All attendees visited the ILP classroom for a demonstration on how the Smart Board is utilized

New Business

* Anti-bullying assembly scheduled for January 12, 2016

* Fall Book Fair is scheduled for November 11-18

Meeting adjourned 8:22PM.