Spring BT4E Contest Winners


During the month of February we had the Box Tops Raceway Contest!!

A grand total of 5186 box tops were collected over the course of 4 weeks in February 2018, giving us a rough estimate of $518.60. Additionally, our Fall 2017 collection yielded 5116 box tops, giving us approximately $511.60. Our goal for the 2017-2018 school year was $1,000. We have surpassed our goal!!

If you recall there were several prizes up for grabs for our Box Tops Raceway contest…

WEEKLY PRIZES – Earn $1 Box Top Buck for every 10 Box Tops submitted.

DOUBLE BONUS – Classroom that wins all 4 laps will win a class party (if more than one we may need to do a drawing)

TRIPLE BONUS – Collect at least 300 Box Tops as a class by the final day (2/23/18) and win one of these (an extra recess or pajama day or bring your favorite stuffed animal to school day — teachers will choose the prize that best fits their class)

TEACHER PRIZES – Including Most Box Tops Collected, 2nd Most Box Tops Collected, 3rd Most Box Tops Collected and Highest Participation

OVERALL TOTALS (this includes all 4 weeks through 2/22/18)
Nyc-6 (651)
Hansen-3 (469)
Marquez-2 (385)
Stout-K (375)
Bohlin-K (354)
Szafranski-4 (335)
Blazek-2 (334)
Person-5 (321)
Bryant-K (308)
Yauch-1 (308)
Bucchi-4 (238)
Steinberg-5 (194)
Diedrick-3 (187)
Patino-PK (182)
Bucchi-1 (151)
ILP (124)

Huizenga-PK (94)
Moehrlin-6 (62)
Garrity-1 (53)
Del Valle-PK (11)
Lastly, please see below on how classes ranked for overall participation….this measure looks at how many students per class participated over the course of all four weeks.

Bryant-K (90%)

Hansen-3 (63%)

Yauch-1 (56%)

Marquez-2 (56%)

Bohlin-K (52%)

Stout-K (40%)

Bucchi-1 (42%)

Bucchi-4 (42%)
Blazek-2 (42%)

Szafranski-4 (42%)

Person-5 (42%)

Diedrick-3 (29%)

Nyc-6 (26%)
Steinberg-5 (20%)

Del Valle-PK (16%)
Garrity-1 (16%)
Huizenga-PK (16%)
ILP (16%)
Patino-PK (8%)
Moehrlin-6 (7%)

Please accept our sincere thanks from the Centennial PTC for your support in the Box Tops for Education program!! Thank you to all students, teachers, staff and parents who have clipped box tops and/or used the Box Tops App to help collect for our Centennial Eagles!!

We hope that everyone had fun playing the Box Tops Raceway contest.

Please continue to collect box tops and turn in to your teacher. We will continue to collect through the end of the school year. And stay tuned for a special “passport” collection sheet to be sent home in May (to use over the summer). Students who turn their completed “passport” will each receive a small prize.