Why Should You Become Involved?

Top Reasons to Join the PTC

  1. Help your child. Research shows that children whose parents are involved in their school perform better academically and display fewer disciplinary problems.
  2. Get connected. As a PTC member, you’ll hear about important school and students issues and events.
  3. Make friends. The PTC is a diverse group of parents unified by a strong interest in enriching their child’s education. Get to know your fellow Centennial Elementary parents!
  4. Be heard. The PTC is a great forum for exchanging ideas and fostering conversations to improve our school.
  5. It’s fun! You’ll be a big hit with the kids (and teachers!) at events blowing bubbles at Walk-a-thon or dancing on stage during an assembly.
  6. Be a role model. You’ll show your child the value and fun of giving back to your community and school.
  7. It’s flexible around your schedule. There are many ways to contribute to PTC. Make it fit your interests, passions and schedule.