The Parents and Teachers of Centennial School (PTC) extends a warm welcome to all families. Centennial Elementary relies on the PTC to create a warm community for students and teachers. There are many opportunities to become involved and create a richer learning environment and community where our children can thrive.

The PTC is made up of dedicated parents, grandparents, teachers, administrators and many others who continue to work together to support our school. Our organization exists to enhance the educational experiences of our children and to offer parents and teachers the opportunity to come together in our community.

Parent involvement is important to us! Parents can be involved in their child’s education in many ways. We invite you to join us by volunteering your time and supporting PTC programs and activities. We would be thrilled to have your creativity, suggestions and assistance. Allow us the opportunity to match your talents and interests to PTC so that together we can help make Centennial a great school for all of our children.

Working together, we can make a positive difference!

PRESIDENT: Liz Kopitke & Jinny Kanthak
VICE PRESIDENTS: Bethany Tremmel
SECRETARIES: Chrissy Williams & Carla Wood
TREASURER: Mary Oloris