Box Tops Mobile App

How Does the Box Tops App Work?

Earn even more cash for Centennial Elementary through the Box Tops for Education® Bonus App for smartphones. Turn your everyday receipts into cash for the school.

The app features bonus Box Tops offers from participating brands and retailers. App users can select offers and scan their receipt to get electronic credit for Centennial.

Here’s how it works:
Download the app and start scanning your grocery receipts today.
Having trouble? Please check out these helpful resources:
Still need help? Please contact us at
Any Box Top clips that are counted through the mobile app can still be sent into Centennial to be redeemed for additional funds. So continue to clip the Box Tops and send them into the classroom.
Want your digital box tops to count towards classroom contests? Please give credit through the app and/or send in this BTFE Collection Sheet & Clip Scan QR.

How to Assign Credit through the Box Tops App?

Get credit for box tops submissions through the app! Reference this post.
FIRST, update your app. Close out of the app if it was open, then open it up again.
When your school’s info is up, click on “my lifetime earnings.”
On the next page, sort it by “my earnings” so you aren’t looking at all of the school’s transactions.
You’ll see your individual receipts. Click on one.
Scroll all the way down to the bottom, and if you’ve updated your app, you’ll see a “give credit” button.
Click on the “give credit” button, and enter your name/ student’s class/ grade level (this is what our school uses to track it) and you are done!
Thank you!!

Download Now

Click here to download the app from iTunes.

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