May 2017 Minutes

Date: May 3, 2017

Location: Multi-purpose Room

Attendees: Sherri Walton-Peterson, Monica Kuropatwa, Kate Wersell, Lynn Anderson, Ewa Frostick, Angie Riani, Melissa Barreiro, Beth Wilson, Agnienlie Wytach, Christina Bucchi, Melissa Kaplan, Tera Weeks, Matt Weeks, Dawn Winter, Jessica Alvarez, Jan Mehoney, Maria Rocia del Valle, Katie Kuhn, Julie Netzel, Sarah McEwen, Jason Keenon

Minutes:  April 2017 meeting minutes reviewed and approved (motioned Tera Weeks/seconded Mel Kaplan)


President (Beth Wilson):  Meeting called to order by Beth Wilson at 7:10PM.

Treasurer (Tera Weeks):

  • Treasurer’s Report was reviewed and discussed. Net available shows $14,740.86
  • The expense for the freezer was removed from the Treasurer’s Report (Lynn Anderson motioned/Matt Weeks seconded)
  • Insurance expenses were discussed and an allocation of $450 was voted on and approved (Mel Kaplan motioned/Matt Weeks seconded)
  • Technical expenses for the Webpage/Domain Name via Go Daddy were discussed. An allocation of $200 for the expense was voted on and approved (Chris Bucchi motioned/Beth Wilson seconded)
  • Tri fold boards were ordered by Tera from a new vendor for $175 ($2.45 per board). Expense was voted on and approved (Chris Bucchi motioned/Melissa Kaplan seconded)
  • Sixth Grade Breakfast expenses were discussed. $350 to go toward the event was voted on and approved (Melissa Barreiro motioned/Julie Netzel seconded)
  • Teacher’s retirement gifts were discussed and an expense of $75 was voted on and approved (Tera Weeks motioned/Melissa Kaplan seconded)

Principal’s Report:

Chris Bucchi will no longer be the Teacher Representative for PTC.  Lisa Steinberg will take her place for the 2017-2018 school year.

Committee Reports:

Mother/Son Event (Melissa Kaplan reporting for Brandy Leatherman)

  • Tentatively scheduled for May 18th at Main Event in Hoffman Estates
  • More details to come via student back pack

25th Anniversary Celebration

  • Theme is to recreate the year 1992 during Flag Ceremony
  • Family Picnic will start at 5:30PM which will include a DJ; followed by a ceremony with the Mayor, alumni and school chorus

New Business:

PTC Board Elections were conducted during the May meeting. Results are as follows:

President                          Elizabeth Wilson

1st Vice President            Tera Weeks

2nd Vice President         Melissa Kaplan

Co-Treasurer                    Jessica Alvarez

Co-Treasurer                    Angela Riani

Secretary                          Sherri Walton Peterson


Meeting adjourned 8:05PM.